Internal Team Events and Challenges

Team events are internal Sheeper activities that add spice to the year, provide opportunity to test your fitness and have some fun. You may participate in any or all of these events regardless of your level and according to your personal goals.

Endurance Challenge

Building a fitness foundation in the new year is critical to a successful and injury free racing season. The Team Sheeper Endurance Challenge is our way of giving athletes high goals to keep them motivated during the early season workouts. They may seem simple when you read about them here, but challenging when you try them.

  • Jan. 5 - 26  - Run Endurance Challenge- 22/22/22- The goal is to do 22 runs in 22 consecutive days for at least 22 minutes.  Running 22 minutes may be the easy part, finding the time to do the workouts before/after work is sometimes the challenge.
  • Feb. 1 - 28 - Swim Endurance Challenge - Month-long challenge to accumulate 50,000 yards in the pool. You don't have to swim with Menlo Masters for this challenge, just keep track of your yardage. An added incentive is that together with Menlo Masters we donate canned goods to the Menlo Park Senior Center. For every 2000 yards you swim, bring in a can of food and Menlo Masters will match your donation with an additional can. 
  • Mar.  1 - 31 - Bike Endurance Challenge (30k/60k) - "The Everest Challenge"  Month-long challenge to get 30,000 or 60,000 feet of climbing.  In our area Old La Honda is 1300 feet, Kings Mountain is 1600 feet, Pagemill is 2000 feet, and Tunitas is 2000 feet. 

Fearsome Foursome

  • Feb. 17 - Fearsome Swim (10k) New for 2013, we are adding a single day swim challenge. Get 10,000 yards in one day.
  • Feb. 23 - Fearsome Ultimate Run - Challenge yourself with a base-building 18-mile trail run at the end of February. Go easy, get some muddy, soft-surface miles under your belt and finish the day with pancakes cooked by Tim.
  • Mar. 22 - Fearsome Epic Bike - 110 mile bike ride to the coast via Hwy 84, south on Hwy 1 to Bonny Doone, to Felton, and back up East Zayante to Skyline. Roughly 10,000 feet of climbing.( alternate date for bad weather is March 30)
  • Apr. 12 - Fearsome Tri - A unique and adventurous three-sport event that involves road cycling, mountain biking, trail running, road running, and swimming.

King Series

  •   TBD - Pool  King - A swim followed by driving laps at Malibu Grand Prix

  •   TBD - Donut King- A bike ride followed by a donut-eating contest


Fearsome Epic Ride

This is the bike challenge of our Fearsome Foursome series.  112 miles and 8200 feet of climbing that will take you from Menlo Park to the coast, south to Felton and then the long climb back to Skyline.


Team Sheeper - Chase Group

When there is evening daylight, you can expect the team to be doing Chase Groups,  a unique Team Sheeper bicycle workout that combines riding skills, intensity, and group riding strategy. Here are the details to get you to the Chase.

What: 20 mile loop with 500 feet of elevation

: Wednesday evening at 6pm.

Where : Intersection of Edgewood and Canada Road


  1. 5:30pm - 5:45pm - Warm up
  2. 6:00pm -Join the team at intersection of Edgewood and Canada Road
  3. Our coach will put you in groups of 3-4 athletes of similar ability - Some can do the 20 miles in 1.25 hours, others in 1 hour, and there are some that can do this loop in 55 minutes or better - all are fast times.
  4. The first group is sent onto the loop. 
  5. 5 minutes later, the next faster group will go.  The "chase" begins.
  6. 3 minutes later, the next faster group will go.
  7. And every 2 minutes after that, the following groups will go.
  8. Ride as a group -  It is always windy on Canada Road.  Work together with your group to draft and protect each other from the windy section.