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November 6, 2008
by Tim Sheeper
In this edition:

Survey Results

1. Interested in Hawaii 70.3-Honu?

2. Interested in Austin 70.3?

3. Interested in Ironman Cozumel?

4. Race Recommendations?
1. IM Czech Republic
2. Xterra (2)
3. European 70.3
4. Trans-Tahoe Swim
5. Vineman 70.3 (2)
6. Pacific Crest Tri
7. Tinley Adventures
8. Local Marathon
9. San Jose Rock n Roll Half
10. RAAM
11. Vegas
12. IM Brazil
13. Georgia 70.3
14. Muskoka 70.3
15. Timberman 70.3
16. Cancun 70.3
17. LA Tri


2009 Race Schedule

Based on the results of the survey, Mike Osmond and I have set the 2009 Team Sheeper Racing Schedule.  We will divide the year into 3 seasons.  The team will focus on:
10 races
8 of the races are within a two hour drive of Menlo Park
6 are Olympic distance races
5 are half Ironmans
2 are destination races

Spring Season
1. Wildflower (Olympic or Half) May 2
2. Hawaii Ironman 70.3-Honu May 30

Summer Season (Short and Local)
1. Morgan Hill Spring Triathlon (Uvas) May 17
2. Silicon Valley Olympic Triathlon (San Jose) June 21
3. Vineman 70.3 July 20
4. Sentinel Sept 25
5. Marin Oct 25
6. San Francisco (Treasure Island)         Nov 9

Fall Season
1. Big Kahuna Half Ironman Sept 13
2. Longhorn Ironman 70.3-Austin Oct 18

1.  Mendocino Multisport Camp (3 days) Apr 4-6

1.  California Coast Tour S.F-S.D.  (2-5 day options) Nov 13


Go Ride Annual Bike and Gear Discount

This is the best deal you will find on a new bike.  Period! The Specialized team program is from November 1 to November 15.  All bicycles and accessories are 10% above wholesale, everything must be paid for in advance and you must add $100 to bikes for build, fit, and re-tunes. The order will be placed the morning of the 16th and orders will be filled as product is available.

Go See Bob at Go Ride to order your shiny new toy.  Avoid the shop if your will power is low because the deals are hard to pass up.


King Series Schedule

What is the King Series you ask?  Where have you been?  The King Series is a proprietary series exclusively for Team Sheeper athletes.  It  is a 3 event adventure series that combines a modest amount of triathlete skills such as swimming, biking and running with a large dosage of regular civilian skills like bowling, driving and eating donuts.

Compete in all three events and receive and special commemorative reward from the team that your poor, dull teammates that didn't participate will covet forever.

Lap King-(Swim/Drive)
Thursday December 4, 2008-6:00 pm
Swim 10 x 50's freestyle at Burgess Pool.  A certain point value will be attached to a finishing time.  Then the athlete drives a car around a race track and the finishing time combined on 5 laps corresponds to a point system.    Add the points together to come up with the overall champion.

King Pin-(Run/Bowl)
Tuesday December 9, 2008-6:00 pm
Run 10 x 400's around the track with a certain point value attached to your finish time.  Then we bowl 10 frames and one totals the number of pins one knocks down in ten frames to the number of points one earned on the track to get a grand total and an overall champion for the evening.  Winner gets a bag of Cheetos and a six pack of Coors.

Donut King-(Bike/Eat)
Saturday December 20, 2008-8:30 am
The bike ride begins at Burgess at the regular time of 8:30 am.  We will complete a moderate course that takes about 2.5 hours to complete.  There is no eating allowed on the ride and you are expected to roll into the Donut King donut shop on Jefferson Ave in Redwood City with a mild to moderate BONK.  You then proceed to replenish yourself with the great American treat.the donut.  It is a contest.  1 donut equals 1 point.  Filled donuts equal three points.  The person leaving the premises still standing with the most points is declared the winner.


Triathlete of the Year Party

Every year we come together for an end of the year celebration of our triumphs, accomplishments and challenges of the past year.  At that time, the current Triathletes of the Year announce and award the heirs to the crown. 

This year the celebration evening will be at Sally and Joel Phillips' house in Portola Valley right across the street from the Windy Hill parking lot.

The date is:
Saturday December 13, 2008 at 5:00 pm. 

Please save the spot on your calendar.  Significant others are welcome and encouraged to attend.  An evite will be sent out shortly as a formal invitation.  Special note.Pierre Pujol will offer his own unique perspective commentary of the 2008 season.


Death Valley Bike Tour

November 14-16, 3 day 350 mile bike tour through the beautiful Death Valley is drawing near.  Two dozen excited athletes are anxiously awaiting the start.  Registration is still available.


San Francisco Triathlon at Treasure Island

This is probably the only triathlon in our area that you are able to register on race morning.  There are a number of athletes already registered for the olympic on Saturday and the sprint race on Sunday.  The sprint is 400 meter swim, 20K bike and 5K run and is the race of choice this weekend.  It should take a little over an hour to complete.  Come out and race or watch, but come out and be a part of the season ending event.


California International Marathon and Marathon Relay

Sunday December 7 is the magic day.  We have about 8 runners competing in the full marathon and roughly half a dozen 2 person teams competing in the 4 person relay division, but with only 2 people.  There is time to still locate a partner and join in on the event.  Go to:


Ironman Arizona

Lennard Hachman, Paul Gorman, Ian Hersey, and Chas Pavlovic will be racing this late season Ironman on November 23.  All four have trained long, hard and consistently to bring their minds and bodies into top prime shape.  Pierre Pujol will be accompanying the foursome to the race in the role of spotter, and motivator.  Wish them well


Google Groups

Communication.  Ease of communication amongst teammates is what we are attempting to improve with the creation of Team Sheeper Google Groups.  To be involved please follow the steps laid out below by Hani Juha:
1.  You are invited to join the Accepting is optional.

2. If you choose not join the group, you will continue to get the same Sheeper emails that go out through the week.
3. This is a group that is not visible to the general public.  Anyone replying to a group email will, by default, only be able to respond to the author of the email.  This will minimize everyone being copied on all email replies.  Of course a person can add the group to the reply if they want.

4. Guidelines for using the group.   Example : Carpooling, schedule coordination, general Sheeper related questions ( what tires should I buy, what bike trainer is best, aluminum vs Carbon)

5.  The group is free.


Vegas Team Championships Article

Dave Mandelkern wrote a wonderful press release about our Vegas Victory.  The San Mateo Daily Journal picked up the story and published it last week.  Here is the link if you are interested:  Thanks Dave!


Coaching Vacation

I will be embarking on a family vacation that does not revolve around sports or a triathlon. Please be aware that I will be gone from Nov. 22-29.