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Ironman, San Jose and Long Beach Results
June 27, 2006
by Tim Sheeper
In this edition:

Ironman CDA

Ironman.  We did it!  It has been a long road of preparation and sacrifice to get to the finish line.  I am proud of all that went to the start line and gave it their best on that given day.  We as a team have much to be proud of.  We came together during tough training and through challenging conditions all season long to get the job done.  The race itself offered challenges that we expected and we were braced to handle. 

140.6 miles in itself is challenging, but when the temperature feels the same as the distance, then it is something of folklore for years to come.

As stated at the pre race dinner.  "You never only produce results.learn from them"

Relax, and treat your body well for weeks to come.  Some people recover in 4 weeks.  Some people take more than 4 months.  You cannot rush the natural recovery process of your physical and your mental states.  Just understand the process, and treat yourself to good rest, good sleep, nutritious food, and calm emotional surroundings as much as possible.  Be a first hand witness to the real power of your body as it recovers from your adventure.

Let's take a few weeks before we map out a new adventure for 2007.



San Jose International

San Jose is our home town race.  It is a pleasure to see great representation from our team members. 

What I am most proud of is the fact that we had someone from nearly every age group compete and complete.

We have athletes who nearly win the whole race and we have some that win their age group, and we have some athletes that do not come close to those feats. 

I aim to help triathletes enjoy the sport and improve personal performances.  That's it.  Results are nice to see, but they do not tell the whole story.

Thanks for living the healthy lifestyle.


Long Beach

We had our two professional athletes venture to Long Beach, CA this past weekend and give the "draft legal" format a try. 

I am proud of their fitness, strength and courage to race with the best triathletes on the planet and fare really, really well.

Racing in the ITU is a whole new experience for these two and we wish them the best moving forward.