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King Series News Flash
December 19, 2006
by Tim Sheeper
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King Series News Flash

A last minute shuffle to the King Series has added fuel to the mystery, and mystique of this world renowned multisport event.

Just like the Big Wave surfing competitions where the top surfers around the world  are on "high-alert," waiting for the announcement from the event organizer that the contest is "on."  The surfers then board the next available flight to places like, Pipeline, Waimea, and Mavericks. 

Well, the same thing holds true for the Team Sheeper Triathletes, except for the boarding of planes.

The King Series Board of Directors has made the announcement that tonight's King Series competition will be dubbed the "Track King."  It will involve running 6 laps around the track at MA high School, followed by driving 6 laps around the Malibu Gran Prix track.  Lowest combined average wins.  There will be age and gender handicapping. (Rain is in the forecast for Thursday night and bowling lanes are maxed out.)  6 laps cost $18.95.

The "Lane King", will be on Thursday night and will involve swimming 10x100's freestyle and then bowling 10 frames. 

The "Donut King" will be still be on Saturday and the donut point values will be announced after more peer review.

Hope to see you tonight.