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KIng Series Update
December 22, 2006
by Tim Sheeper
In this edition:

Track King

This past Tuesday night was in my opinion the best combo of the year.  It involved 6x400 at MA Track then supposedly 6 laps around Malibu Grand Prix in the race cars.  Well, the cars were so exciting that 6 laps became 20 laps.  What a workout!  I am still a bit sore. 

My score keeping of the event was a bit shoddy, but this is how the driving turned out.

1.  Joel Phillips drove the fastest, averaging about 55 seconds a lap
2.  Bob Carlin was next fastest, at about 58 seconds a lap.
3.  Tim Sheeper was a distant third.
4.  Chas Pavlovic 
4.  Kathy Englemann -Kathy was one of the only 3 to break a minute for a lap.
5. Tina Lount-Improved from 104 seconds per lap on her first down to 62 second for last lap.

The running was cold and not that exciting enough to report.


Lane King

Formerly known as "King Pin" took place last night.  The swimming involved 10x50's as fast as possible.  We swam in the warm pool, and it was pleasant.  Then we headed to Mel's bowl for the real drama of the evening.  This is how the bowling played out.

By the way, we all took on bowling names to protect our real identities and egos.

1. Otis (Paul Gorman) 126
2. Ray (Tim Sheeper) 122
3. Shanni (Shanni)  117
4. Duke (Elad Benjamin) 102
5. TK (Tim Kuenster)  99
6. C (Chas Pavlovik) 76 a lifetime first experience
7. Bubba (Dave Mandlekern)  58
8. Penny (Mimi Winsberg) 54
9. Wilma (Cindy Welton) 36


Donut King

Bright and early tomorrow morning.  Eat a light dinner and breakfast, but try to stretch out your stomach today to prepare it for the onslaught of fried dough.

We will ride about 2.5 hours (8:30-11:00 am) and the end up at the Donut King at the corner of Jefferson and Alameda De Las Pulgas in Redwood City.  Try to ride yourself into a near bonking state.  Arrive famished and dreaming of sweet dough.

Sally Phillips and Peter Borak are the dual defending champions from 2005.  They will both be non-factors this year for various reasons.
1. No one has ever been able to defend the title.
2. Peter has lost his competitive edge, and wants to be viewed as serious athlete.
3. Sally doesn't want to keep whipping her husband Joel.

It is simple.  Keep your own score and try to get the most points.  Walking into the Donut King is a 2 donut minimum.  All donuts are courtesy of Team Sheeper.

1 donut=1point
4 donut holes=1 point
1 filled donut=2 points
1 apple fritter =4 points

1 bagel=disqualified
Faulty donut addition=lashings
Partially eaten donuts=2 year suspension
1 cream puff=lifetime ban

See you in the morning.


Elad Benjamin

Some of you may be aware that team member and Coeur d' Alene Ironman finisher  Elad Benjamin is planning to compete in the Marathon De Sables, a 250km stage running race across the Sahara desert in Morocco.  One of the world's most challenging endurance events.

Check out his very interesting blog at:


MultiSport Morning (Formerly known as Multisport Moms) Rates

When announcing the rates for 2007 we neglected to include two sport, morning triathlon rates and one sport options for bike and run.  The registration procedures are the same.  Here are the rates.

Any two sports (bike/run, swim/bike, swim/run)-$110/month; $314/quarter; $1,188/year
Morning Triathlon (includes masters)-$110/month $314/quarter; $1,188/year
Bike only-$69/month, $197/quarter; $745/year
Run only-$45/month; $128 quarter; $486/year

The information is also on the registration page on the website.