Training Levels

At Team Sheeper, we recognize that each person comes into triathlon with different experience and goals.  Our program and workouts are designed to meet your needs at every level.



Where do I get started?

  • Look at this week's training schedule and see what fits into your schedule.

  • Email our team manager, Mike Osmond, for questions and workout details.

  • Be our guest at one of  our Saturday bike and Sunday run workouts

  • Experience all our workouts with our one week trial membership.
  • When you are ready, Join our team

About Weekly workouts

We publish a monthly training calendar for our athletes and below you can see the structure for our weekly workouts.

Monday - a recovery day from the long weekend

Tuesday - Our weekday run workout.  You can find us on a local track, sometimes a trial, and we often take advantage of our spin bike to make it a combo workout.

Wednesday - Our weekday  bike workout.  When daylight is limited we are indoor on the spin bikes.  Otherwise, we are doing the Chase Group.

Thursday -  Our weekday strength workout. Bootcamp, crossfit, and combo style workouts help us develop core strength, balance, and flexibility.

Saturday -  The long bike workout for the week. Portola Valley, Old La Honda, Kings Mountain, Pagemill, Pescadero, and Tunitas are just some of the locations we take advantage of in the Peninsula. And we usually encourage everyone to do the swim workout before the ride.

Sunday - The long run workout for the week. Woodside, Huddart park, and bay trail at Oracle are the usual trails that we use for these workouts.

Daily Swim workouts -  Team Sheeper uses the Masters swim format for our athletes.  These workouts occur daily.