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Fearsome Tri Logistics
April 9, 2009
by Tim Sheeper
In this edition:

Fearsome Tri

Date:  Saturday April 11, 2009
Start Time:  7:30 am
Start Point:  Burgess Pool
Order of events: Bike, Run, Bike, Swim
Bike Option:  All Mountain Bike, or All Road Bike

1. Ride your bike to Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park on Higgins-Purissima Road in Half Moon Bay
(If you choose the mountain bike option-ride up Kings and down Purissima Creek dirt trail.  If you choose the road bike option the ride up Kings, down Tunitas to Lobitas Creek to Verde to Purissima Creek to the State
2. Drop off your bike at the Burleigh Murray Ranch and put on your run shoes and run and touch the ocean (Poplar Street is the closest access) and then run back to the Park.
3. Get on your bike and retrace your route back to the pool.
4. Once at the pool swim 2000 yards.  Get out after each 500 and perform military style pushups. (no ugly sway-back, knee-down renditions)

Needed:  One wonderful person to watch the bikes at the park while we all run.  If that wonderful person drives there they can bring our shoes for us.  If that wonderful person rides there, we will have to ride with our run shoes.  Please get back to me if you would like to be that wonderful person.

Estimates of Distances: 
Bike-Not too far
Run-Not much at all
Swim-pretty short

Course terrain: Enjoyable

Estimated length of event:  less time if you move faster

Why: It is always good to have variety