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March 25, 2010
by Tim Sheeper
In this edition:

Santa Barbara Training Camp

The Santa Barbara Training Camp is only 2 weeks away.  I am very confident that this camp will be one of the best camps we have ever produced.  The beaches, mountains, roadways, trails, and pool are all world class and lend themselves to excellent training grounds.  Santa Barbara is dubbed as the West Coast Riviera and lies on the fringes of the Los Angeles basin so the air is crisp, clean and clear.

The lodging is the responsibility of the athlete and there are several options to choose from all in a one block radius of each other and all are across the street from the beautiful Los Banos Aquatic facility situated in the Santa Barbara Harbor.

Santa Barbara is 300 miles from Menlo Park and is approximately a 4.5 hours drive. 

Our Friday evening meal will be lighter in fare since our training runs later in the day due to our noon start.  Our Saturday evening meal will offer Steak and Seafood choices at the restaurant at the end of the pier.

Each day will include swimming, cycling and running.  The distances are never extreme, and there are plenty of opportunities to increase or decrease volume and distance, but the volume of activity is the key training element we will be addressing at this camp.

Sig will of course offer his first class camp support on and off the bike.  Registration for the camp will close on Wednesday March 31.

Sergey Averchenkov
Cara Barr
Leah Fine
Meredith Gimble
Lennard Hachmann
Edie Heideman
Steve LeSieur
Amy McGaughey
Lindi Marco
Phillipe Marco
Mark Oâ?TSullivan
Grace Park
Joel Phillips
Sally Phillips
Stephanie Rowen
Altay Sendil
Jeff Solomon
Chris Spetzler
Leigh Wade
Steve Young


Hawaii-70.3 Training Program/or Season 1 Peak Event

Just to clarify, here at Team Sheeper we break the triathlon year into two parts, Season 1 and Season 2.

The premiere race for Season 1 is Ironman Hawaii-70.3 on June 5.  The premiere race for Season 2 is Ironman Miami-70.3 on October 30.

The training outline for Hawaii is as follows:
1. January-30 runs and/or 30 strength training sessions in 30 days for 20 minutes minimum
2. February-50,000 yards of swimming
3. March-Epic Ride including 2 long build up rides+1 combo bike to run workout
4. April-2 combo workouts with increasing amounts of run time plus a 3 day training camp
5. May-Wildflower as a tune up race and Morgan Hill Triathlon for an infusion of high intensity.
6. June-Hawaii focus race or local Silicon Valley International Triathlon as an alternative.
7. 1-2 week training relaxation phase before the beginning of season 2.


Epic Ride

With more beautiful days like we had this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in the future the Epic Ride may just to be known as the "Pleasant Ride."  Congratulations to all who endured the distance and enjoyed the countryside.  Only one fearsome test remaining. 

Meridith Gimble-rookie
Leigh Wade-rookie
Sally Phillips
Joel Phillips
Lennard Hachmann
Jeff Solomon
Will Harvey-rookie
Amy McGaughey
Altay Sendil
Vaagn Toukharian-rookie
Cara Barr
Tanja Sattler
Edie Heidemann
Keith Terada
Mirella Terada-rookie
Steve Lasiuer
Pierre Pujol
Ian Hersey
Dario Benavides
Doug Fuji
Eduardo Llach
Tina Lount Pretre
Chas Pavlovic
Chris Spetzler-rookie
Michelle Santilhano
Kevin Burns
Martin Michael
Stephanie Rowen
Greg Gaffney
Richard Halpert-rookie
Mimi Winsberg


Fearsome Triathlon

On Saturday April 3, we will host the final event of the Fearsome Foursome Series: the Fearsome Triathlon. 

This triathlon includes:
1. Cycling up to Skyline via Kings Mountain Road
2. Descending down the Purissima Trail (if you are on a mountain bike)
3. Descending down Tunitas Road (if you are on a road bike, much longer bike section)
4. Transition 1 will be at Burleigh Murray Park on Higgins-Purissima Road.
5. Run to the pacific ocean and return to Burleigh Murray Park (6 miles)
6. Ride and retrace your path back to Burgess Pool.
7. Swim 2000 yards, with 10 push-ups on the deck after every 500 yards.
8. Prevent yourself from cramping.
The entire event will take about 4-5 hours and will conclude with
refreshments on the picnic tables under the Oak trees at the completion of
the swims.


Catfish Crawl East Bay-Open Water Swim

On Sunday April 25, our team workout will be a swim event at the Catfish Crawl East Bay at Shadow Cliffs Park in Pleasanton.  This event is a great tune-up for Wildflower which is the following week.

Menlo Masters and Team Sheeper have partnered with USA Productions in hosting this event.  A portion of the events proceeds will be donated to our Building Futures Now Foundation. 

We will have a team run scheduled at the completion of the one and two mile swims.

You can register yourself at:


Wildflower Triathlon Festival

Team Sheeper will be at Wildflower in full force.  We are 5 weeks away from the biggest race on the West Coast.  Wildflower is a perennial highlight for our team where our athletes demonstrate great enthusiasm and early season fitness as we attack and attempt to tame the beast of a course.  The race day temperatures are the largest unknown, they have ranged from 45-105 degrees.  You just never know.  Hope you can join in on this unique mixture of triathlon and celebration. May 1-2, 2010.  The events are still open for registration.


Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon-(Formerly known as Uvas)

The Morgan Hill Triathlon will be held on May 16, and is a team focus race.  We have a great time going fast at this local favorite. 

Team Sheeper has partnered with USA Productions for this race and we will be offering a triathlon clinic the Sunday before the event on site at Uvas Reservoir and a portion of the proceeds will go to our BFN foundation. 

We would like to have as many people as possible support this event and local triathlon community.  If you would rather volunteer at the race that would also be greatly appreciated. 

To do list:
1. Register for our team race Morgan Hill Triathlon on May 16

2. Be informed of the Triathlon Clinic the week before the event that we will be hosting-(Excellent for all Level 1 athletes)