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Fearsome Tri Results and Some Updates
September 5, 2006
by Tim Sheeper
In this edition:

Fearsome Triathlon

It was a Labor-ful Holiday yesterday for 16 athletes who completed the 3rd Annual Fearsome Triathlon.  The last minute change of having to ride a mountain bike for the whole event was handled bravely by all participants.

The event consisted of a ride up Kings Mountain then a screaming descent down Purissima Trail, followed by a beautifully flat run to the ocean and back.  The most challenging part was the climb back up  Purissima Trail, followed by a welcomed descent down Kings and back to the pool for a 2000 yard swim broken up by pushups.  This 5-7 hour bash was enjoyed by:
1. Lennard Hachmann
2. Eric Pacenta
3. Mimi Winsberg
4. Jan Jindra
5. Dario Benavides
6. Joe Shiffler
7. Mike Osmond
8. Bob Carlin
9. Doug Fuji
10. Tracey Fujieda
11. Joel Phillips
12. Sally Phillips
13. Cindy Welton
14. Kathryn Cronje
15. Kirsten Kempe
16. Coach


Magnificent Seven

Seven outstanding endurance athletes have achieved the status of Fearsome Foursome for this 2006 season.

These athletes have completed the four standard challenges of
1. Ultimate Run - 20+mile trail run
2. Epic Bike Ride - 110 miles with 10,000 feet of vertical
3. February Can do - 50,000 yards of swimming in the month of February
4. Fearsome Tri - as explained above.

These following athletes will be rewarded with lavish gifts and much adulation for the phenomenal feats of endurance.

1. Lennard Hachmann
2. Jan Jindra
3. Mike Osmond
4. Kirsten Kempe
5. Doug Fuji
6. Tracey Fujieda
7. Sally Phillips


Ironman Hopefuls

There are a few people on our team that are holding out hopes of gathering enough people together to form a group that trains together for an Ironman next year.

It looks like the options are Arizona in the late spring or Wisconsin in the late summer.

I am willing to put together a program and training sessions for either and both races have their positives and negatives.

Respond to me if you have interest or have already registered. (His contact information can be found on the roster page).


Mid Morning Workouts Have Resumed

The mid morning workouts began again today after taking the month of August off.

The workouts schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 9:30am - Combo (Spin/Run/Strength)
Coached by Tim Sheeper

Wednesday 9:15am - Bike Ride
Coached by Tim Sheeper 1st and 3rd Week and Keri Silk 2nd and 4th week.

Thursday 9:30am - Run
Coached by Katie Ferguson 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Week, Tim Sheeper 4th week.