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May 26, 2008
by Tim Sheeper
In this edition:

Hawaii Ironman 70.3

It has finally arrived.  Six months of preparation is culminating this Saturday morning on the Big Island of Hawaii in the name of the Hawaii Ironman 70.3-Honu.  Our original 36 team members has leaned out to 28 committed, prepared and anxious athletes making the trek to the tropical paradise to test their prime fitness.

All team members will be in Kona by Thursday and will be home by next Wednesday, where most will be welcoming some down time before slingshotting into the second half of our year.  Wish us well and results and stories to follow.


Hawaii Ironman 70.3 Team Schedule

Team Member Arrivals

Open Water Swim Clinic with Karlyn Pipes/Competitive Edge 9:00-11:30 am at Hapuna Beach register at:
Team Swim Hapuna State Beach- 9:00-9:30 am

Team Swim at Hapuna State Beach- 12 Noon
Bike Check in at Hapuna State Beach from 1:00-5:30 pm
Team Dinner 5:30 pm Place TBA at Noon Swim

Race Day
Swim Check-in 5:00-6:45 am
Awards Banquet at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel- 4:00 pm

Team Brunch 11:00 am TBA


Menlo Masters Dick Bennett Memorial Long Course Swim Meet

Date:Saturday June 14, 2008. 
Time:  8AM
Challenge:  All triathletes are challenged to swim the 400 meter freestyle event at our home meet.
Training:  There will be a team run that leaves from Sacred Heart Pool after the last heat of the men's 400 freestyle.  The run course will be around the Stanford Dish and back.


Death Valley Tour

This is going to be a significant tour.  We are getting the information out early so you can look at it and prepare yourself physically, mentally and you can carve out time in your schedule for the biggest and maybe the best tour that Team Sheeper has ever hosted.  Please check the details at:


Duathlon Results

Memorial Day broke cold, and overcast, but that did not deter the hardy souls that braved the early wake up call to test their speed and endurance in running and swimming.  Congratulations to those who completed the event.

6:30am Race
Run-3/4 mile
Swim-600 yards
Run-1/2 mile
Swim-300 yards
Run-1/4 mile

1.  Derrick Hanson 21:37
2.  Mike Fero 22:01
3.  Peter Buhl 23:13
4.  Scott Ray 24:49
5.  Mike Texido 26:42
6.  Gary Swart 26:42
7.  Virginia Justus 30:57
8.  Sally Phillips 31:44
9.  Emmitt Hancock 32:17
10.  Cindy Welton 32:29
11.  Lalit Shahani 38:17

7:30 am Race
Run-1 mile
Swim-800 yards
Run-3/4 mile
Swim-400 yards
Run-1/4 mile

1.  Simon Cassidy 29:45
2.  Mike Fero 31:50
3.  Hansen/Welton 32:20
4.  Lennard Hachmann 33:33
5.  Jocelyn Wong 33:59
6.  Tom Anderson 34:44
7.  Scott Ray 35:40
8.  Sarah Eisner 36:05
9.  Jason Golub 36:36
10.  Paul Gorman 37:27
11.  Christine Meiers 38:28
12.  Virginia Justus 38:58
13.  Gary Swart 39:02
14.  Emmitt Hancock 39:52
15.  Steve Joy 41:27
16.  Sue McGlennon 42:40
17.  Tracy Fujeda 43:40
18.  Sandy Dutro 44:04
19.  Kim Freitas 44:05
20.  Tiffany Medina 50:14
21.  Sally Phillips 50:14
22.  Peter Shepherd 56:44
23.  Charlie Ammanns 62:19


Weekly Training Schedule

This weeks training schedule as well as next weeks regular daily trainingschedule will be rather sparse due to a big part of the team and the coach being away in Kona for the half Ironman.

The regular training schedule will be in place the week after the San Jose Tri, Escape From Alcatraz and World Championships in Vancouver, Monday June 9.


Wildflower Results

Way back in the beginning of May our team ventured to the Wildflower Triathlon Festival Weekend.   Many personal bests were set and confidence soared following the races and the energy gained from the event spilled into the training session all month long. 

I am very proud and impressed with all the competitors and only wish that circumstances were different this year and I was able to be a part of the spectacle myself.

Hope this is a sign of what's to come this triathlon season.  Here are the results:
Wildflower Olympic
Wildflower Half Ironman

Long Course Masters Club Competition

***Overall Champions***
>> Team Sheeper 33:34:53
>> PIERRE PUJOL 1544 5:07:30 M 46
>> JORGE PONT 1190 5:30:16 M 44
>> PHILIPPE MARCO 1156 5:37:49 M 44
>> TINA LOUNT-PRETRE 2268 5:27:45 F 41
>> MIMI WINSBERG 2297 5:48:59 F 43
>> TANJA SATTLER 2285 6:02:34 F 41
>> Olympic Club Competition -
***11th Place***
>> Team Sheeper 17:59:27
>> PETER BUHL 6481 2:28:51 M 45
>> EDUARDO F. LLACH 6553 2:43:22 M 49
>> HENRY TRUEBLOOD 6777 3:40:01 M 70
>> CINDY WELTON 7937 2:53:59 F 45
>> KRIS KRUSE-ELLIOTT 7965 3:00:02 F 50
>> SUE MCGLENNON 7994 3:13:12 F 58