Policies & FAQ’s


Reoccurring Payments
All payments are non-refundable. All payments are billed automatically on the first day of the month. There are no pro-rated refunds for mid-month cancellations.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation requests must be submitted by the last day of current cycle (month) to terminate recurring payment/membership for the following billing cycle (month). Please fill out this form if you’re looking to cancel your membership. You may also cancel your membership in person with a Service Center representative.


Q: How do I get started?
A: Write to Mike Osmond, team manager, to get your questions answered. You can also arrange to meet him at a workout if you would like more guidance. Try our workouts for one week with a trial offer. Meet the coaches, athletes, and experience the unique workouts we provide to the team.
Email General information: [email protected]
Website feedback: [email protected]
Membership and billing inquiries: [email protected]
Ask Mike! For questions about workouts and events, team logistics, and what’s going on in general, give team manager Mike Osmond a shout. [email protected].

Levels and Pricing

The Team Sheeper pricing structure and workout schedule are designed for flexibility. We are all busy, with full lives that can make fitting in training and racing a challenge. The team encourages balance and creating your best schedule for your own best results. This means that there are a lot of membership choices — you get to choose your membership level and the workouts you attend.

Q: How do I cancel, suspend, or change my membership?
A: If you would like to cancel your Team Sheeper membership completely, please fill out the online Cancellation Form. Cancellation requests may also be taken in person through the Service Center, (650) 781-5525. Cancellation requests must be submitted by the 15th of current month to terminate recurring payment/membership for the following month.


Q: How do I pay?
A: As of 2023, we are only offering monthly memberships at this time. Payments are made online through your membership account.

Q: How do I fit in if everyone on the team is training for long distance races and I’m just trying a sprint for fun?
A: We have many members who are short-distance specialists, are new to the sport, or simply don’t have time to train for long distance races. So you won’t be alone if a long distance doesn’t interest you. Our workouts will prepare you for sprint triathlons just as effectively. And if you’re a beginner, join our Level 1 program to train for your first triathlon.

Q: I don’t know what my plans are for the fall, can I join for just the first half of the year?
A: You can sign up for monthly payments, but these are automatic debits so you would need to cancel your membership to quit for the second half of the year.


Q: What is the focus of weekly training?
A: Our training schedule is designed to benefit athletes will all sorts of goals, so you will find that early season base-building is followed by gradual introduction of speed work and racing prep. Week to week, the workouts will help you stay healthy while improving strength and endurance over the year. We incorporate strength training, flexibility and core work with ongoing technique and skills training. We publish a monthly training calendar for our athletes and below you can see the structure for our weekly workouts.

MondayRecovery day from the long weekend
TuesdayOur weekday run workout. You can find us on a local track, sometimes a trail, and we often take advantage of our indoor cycling studio to make it a combo workout.
WednesdayOur weekday bike workout. When daylight is limited we are indoor on the cycling studio. Otherwise, we are doing the Chase Group.
ThursdayOur weekday strength workout. Bootcamp, Crossfit, and combo style workouts help us develop core strength, balance, and flexibility.
SaturdayThe long bike workout for the week. Portola Valley, Old La Honda, Kings Mountain, Pagemill, Pescadero, and Tunitas are just some of the locations we take advantage of in the Peninsula. And we usually encourage everyone to do the swim workout before the ride.
SundayThe long run workout for the week. Woodside, Huddart Park, and bay trail at Oracle are the usual trails that we use for these workouts.
SwimDaily Swim workouts – Team Sheeper members join Menlo Masters for workouts which are offered 7 days a week.

Q: Where are the workout locations?
A: Angell Field, Stanford
The Cobb Track and Angell Field is one of our track workout venues and is open to the public when the track team is not practicing.
Directions: Off El Camino Real, enter the campus by turning west onto Galvez. The track parking lot is on your left after the stadium, about one block.

Bayfront Park, Menlo Park
Bayfront offers a network of trails on mild hills and a paved flat perimeter loop on the shore of the bay.
Directions: Travel east on Marsh Rd until it ends at the Bayfront Park entrance at the intersection with the Bayfront Expressway (84). Cross the intersection to the parking lot.

Burgess Park, Menlo Park
Burgess is Team Sheeper’s administrative home as well as the venue for many team activities including Menlo Masters swimming and weekly bike ride starts.
Directions: Located at 501 Laurel Street. From El Camino, turn north on Ravenswood, cross the RR tracks and turn right on Laurel. From 101, exit Willow and drive toward Menlo Park. Cross Middlefield and look for Laurel Street on your right.

Chip Trail, Stanford
This is a trail covered in wood chips located across the street from the Stanford track. It’s a good soft-surface warmup loop.
Directions: Off El Camino Real, enter the campus by turning west onto Galvez. Park in the track parking lot on your left after about one block. Cross Galvez to get to the trail.

DeAnza College Track, Cupertino
A track that has lighting at night, popular with south-peninsula running groups.
Directions: Hwy 280 to 85 south toward Gilroy. Exit immediately at Stevens Creek Blvd, east to Stelling Rd. Turn right, then right again at McClellan. Turn right at the first entrance, park in lot D. The track is adjacent.

Edgewood at Canada Roads, Redwood City
Intersection where you can park for Canada Road and Edgewood Park workouts.
Directions: Hwy 280 to Edgewood Road exit. Go southwest toward the hills and park at Canada Road.

Foothill College Track, Los Altos Hills
A convenient mid-peninsula track that has lighting at night.
Directions: Hwy 280 to El Monte/Moody Road exit. Travel west and find the track on your right at the edge of campus.

Holbrook-Palmer Park, Atherton
This park is one of our favorite venues for indoor strength, core, and spin workouts. It’s convenient with a great old carriage house we use for our classes.
Directions: Located between Middlefield and El Camino Real at 150 Watkins Ave. From 101 take the Marsh Rd exit into Atherton. Turn left on Middlefield and right on Watkins. The park is on the left. From El Camino, Watkins is between the lights at Encinal and Atherton Ave. Turn onto Watkins, cross the RR tracks and the park will be on your right. Use either entrance and wind around to the back of the property.

Oracle Parking Lot for Bay Trail, Redwood City
Ideal starting point for runs north up the Bay Trail which goes all the way to SFO along the shore. The trail from Oracle to Coyote Point is a flat 8.5 miles each way. Bathrooms, some mile markers and water.
Directions: Hwy 101, take the Ralston exit, go east on Marine World Pkwy. Turn left into Oracle, and then an immediate left again into the parking lot where we meet.

Pioneer Hotel, Woodside
There is ample parking for Woodside bike starts and runs in this municipal building complex. It’s a favorite meeting spot and recommended for least impact on the town of Woodside.
Directions: Hwy 280, take Woodside Road (84) toward Woodside to the top of the hill. See the old Pioneer Hotel on the left. Park anywhere behind the buildings.

Q: My fitness has slipped due to travel. What do I do if I’m not feeling up for the particular workout that’s on the schedule?
A: Please come to workouts anyway! You can quickly speak to the coach and get a suggestion for a lower-key approach. Or, plan to complete all the exercises in the workout but only to the level you can sustain — slow down the reps or rest more frequently, slow your pace or cut the number of intervals. For example, on Saturdays, you can start out riding with Hani’s group but if you’re going to be short of energy (or time), plan to shorten the route. Just be sure to let the coach know so that the group doesn’t go looking for you! In all cases, don’t hesitate to ask about how to approach any workout.

Q: The team’s group emphasis is great, but what if I’m looking for an individual training plan?
A: We encourage following your own plan, but the team doesn’t offer this specific service. Athletes have different needs, from those who want daily input from a coach to those who want guidance about periodization of a season. In all cases, Team Sheeper membership can complement individual training plans:
There are many online and one-on-one coaching programs, and we can recommend some locally.
If you engage a coach, you can still join Team Sheeper workouts so that you don’t have to train by yourself.
If you structure your training using an online program, you can enhance your learning with Team Sheeper’s collective knowledge and experience.

Q: What if my training plans don’t correspond with individual Team Sheeper workouts?
A: We welcome your participation in all activities. However, if your workout requirements disrupt the objectives of a Team Sheeper workout, we respectfully ask that you choose another session. For example, if your training plan requires a bike workout of sprints or intervals, please don’t join a base-building ride that’s designed for long, slow distance. This would be like coming to a Pilates class when you need an aerobic workout that day — simply doesn’t make sense.